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Learn languages with an education subsidy

The education voucher pays off

Do you want to advance in your career and would you like to educate yourself further? Have you already found a course that you cannot really afford? Or would you like to be advised on the further education courses on offer? You can’t go wrong with the education voucher anyway!

What is an education subsidy?

Further education has literally being paying off since December 2008 with the education voucher. As when you attend a course or seminar to get ahead in your career, you receive an education voucher, i.e. cash from the state. The education voucher may be worth up to €500 to y

Who receives an education subsidy?

Those who are interested in further education and gainfully employed, and whose annual taxable income does not exceed €20,000 or €40,000 (for those assessed together), can receive an education voucher. Employees who are returning to their careers as well as mothers and fathers on leave are eligible for funding. In a consultation, trained advisors check the individual requirements of the interested parties, and issue the education voucher.

Check list for your personal consultation

  • Find your nearest information centre using either the overview map on the Federal Ministry for Education and Research website or the phone hotline: 0800 2623 000. Arrange a personal consultation appointment there.
  • Bring all the important documents with you to the consultation - photo ID, income tax assessment or last wage slip and, if you are not an EU citizen, a valid residence permit.
  • In preparation for the appointment please think about which further education course you would like to attend.

The basic principle is always: seek advice first, then register!

The 3rd funding phase started on 1 July 2014

The new funding regulation was published in the Federal Gazette on 22 May 2014. From 1 July 2014 different funding conditions apply to people who want to use an education voucher.

The significant changes are:

  • The person interested in further education must have reached the age of 25.
  • The intended further education course may not cost more than €1,000. 
  • Examinations are no longer funded as a stand-alone one-off payment, as the regulation’s quality requirements refer to further education courses. An exception applies to examinations according to Article 45 of the Vocational Education and Training Act, so-called external examinations.
  • The person interested in further education must produce evidence that they are gainfully employed. This may be in the form of a wage slip or employment contract.
  • On the education voucher itself, the specification of at least three suitable further education providers is no longer applicable from 1 July 2014. This takes into account the fact that many people interested in further education already have specific ideas of the further education course they want. Nevertheless, assistance in finding a suitable further education course is still an area of responsibility for the education voucher consultation.
  • Vouchers for the 3rd funding phase can only be issued from 1 July 2014. Only 3rd funding phase vouchers can be used for courses from 1 July 2014.

Source: Education voucher - information email for information centres, 21 May 2014

Any further questions?

We would be happy to help you with any further questions regarding funding options and professional development offers. Just give us a call on 0221 2575790 or organise a personal consultation appointment with us directly in our inlingua language centre.

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