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For you and for us it is important to determine your exact language level. With the help of the inlingua placement test we will find out together.
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You learn languages best through speaking

The focus of the inlingua method is on direct communication through active speaking. Inlingua course participants concentrate on their speaking skills before they dedicate themselves to reading and further listening comprehension as well as their writing skills. During the training, you go through three phases with a wide range of different teaching methods and activities and achieve your goals with motivation.

Phase 1: The presentation

The presentation phase is kept as short as possible. Your trainer is still controlling what happens. For example, your trainer introduces a new linguistic element to you, and gives you clear examples for its application. At the same time, you will be taught the right pronunciation and intonation.

Phase 2: The practice phase

Now it’s your turn! The aim of the practice phase is to use the linguistic element learnt in phase one correctly. Therefore, you form corresponding sentences in the target language – the inlingua trainer supports you in this, corrects your mistakes and motivates you to speak a lot yourself. Make the most of your chance and try it out in this safe atmosphere.

Phase 3: The application phase

Your creativity is required! When you can use the new element correctly, you begin to combine new elements with known ones, to talk about yourself, to act in role-plays, express your opinion or solve problems. Off you go! Because here you learn confident and creative language use.

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